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Our classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This year’s sessions will start on Saturday, June 4th and our final class will take place on Saturday August 7th with graduation exercise on Sunday August 10th at 3:00p.m.


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United Youth-Adult Conference II (U.Y.A.C. II) is preparing for our 2016 session of the Arthur Langford, Jr. Teen Leadership Program.  Our course is an intensive ten-week program conducted each summer from June to August. Our participants range in ages from fourteen to seventeen years old, and they come from all over the Metro Atlanta area.


The Arthur Langford, Jr. Teen Leadership Program provides an exciting and challenging curriculum that includes instruction in civic responsibility, moral leadership, team building, and technology. Our students are also taken on a variety of educational field trips, including a trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

Classes are held each Saturday, during the ten-week session, on the campus of Atlanta Technical College. A wide range of instructors representing academia, community activism, business, government and the judiciary teach our courses. Our students are also given the opportunity to meet with various community leaders in a small classroom environment, allowing for an exchange of questions, answers and ideas. Program participants are provided breakfast and lunch, during which time they are encouraged to get to know each other.

Upon completion of the Arthur Langford Jr. Leadership Program, each participant receives either a desktop or laptop computer to assist them as they prepare for college. In addition to new computers, they also leave with experiences and new friends that they will treasure. Each year, U.Y.A.C. II offers this extraordinary opportunity to exemplary young men and women, free of charge. This year’s 2016 class will represent the more than 300 students who have taken part in our program since 2000.

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